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Why Do We Sleep In Church???


My dear friends,

Today is yet another Sunday and I am faced with the same challenge I face weekly……


My question arises because I know first hand that I can be at home this very minute doing nothing and I would not feel sleepy.

Now I am in the house of God, and the service hasn’t even gone halfway,  yet the sleep is groundbreaking. And believe me every one passes through this.

So I decided to ask you guys, someone will/may (hopefully) know why……….

Simple Chiffon Gown with Intermission Length

What do you think of this style by Kelora……..

Yay!!!😙 or Nay!!!👎



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Hello Dears……

Forgive us dear Kelora followers for we have sinned…….

We have been a bit down and busy….

But let me catch you up on our latest

“works of art”

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Is online flirting considered cheating or has it gradually become acceptable?

Somewhere out there, a pregnant woman wakes up and smiles at her protruding burden of a stomach. She Plants a kiss on her husband’s fore head and stares at their wedding picture on the wall. She remembers how blessed she is to have him.

He comes home straight after work every day, watches TV, maybe football, Tinsel or CNN, doesn’t drink, nor smoke.

She gets up and heads for the kitchen to prepare him his favourite dish while he sleeps and snores.

His cell phone is in one hand and the other hand flung carelessly over his bare hairy chest.

His laptop lays face-down on the table, securely locked with a secret password as he sleeps carelessly with wide open legs. No care in the world at all.

Only last night he was on face book, telling a twenty year old girl how beautiful and special she was and how perfect her figure is. The exact Words he has forgotten to say to his wife

On BBM, he confessed to a nineteen year old university student how much he loves her and requested for a nude picture of her.

On whatsApp, he asked for the account number of a fair skinned teenager with Brazilian hair and fake eye lashes, that night he made an online transaction which will enable her give him her pin number for further communication only.

This man claims to have never cheated on his wife

Do you think so too?

Would you wear it with black or white?

IMG-20131203-WA002(1) IMG-20131203-WA011

Check out this high waist elastic band trouser and bow tie by Kelora Designs , inspired by  fall.

Ankara Wrap Jacket By Kelora Designs :)

IMG-20131202-04919 IMG-20131202-04931